Mission Statement

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  • Foster institutional knowledge and creativity

  • Interdisciplinary collegiality
    • Strengthen teaching, research, and resources
    • Create collaboration between College of Engineering and Aviation Science

  • Engender research curiosity
    • Engage a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students in laboratory, field, and simulation engineering projects
    • Explain application of academic fundamentals to engineering students

  • Technical Focus
    • UAS Traffic Management
    • Apply control and instrumentation to autonomous robotics

Research Projects

Drone Net - UAS Traffic Management Sensor Network

  • System Concept and Project Plans, Concept Presentation, Current Project Publications.
  • Multi-modal Sensor Fusion, Information Fusion
  • Small UAS RADAR (RADAR Installation)
  • Electro Optical / Infrared (EO/IR)
  • All-Sky Camera Systems
  • All-Sky RADAR Systems
  • Acoustic arrays (Multi-dimensional Intensity Probes, Beamforming)
  • Cooperative UAS Navigation and Localizaiton (ADS-B, GPS, Inertial measurement)
  • Active sensor localization - RADAR, LIDAR
  • Machine Learning
  • Machine Vision
  • Big Data Processing (structured, semi-structured and unstructured)

Drone Net Project Overview Video (2018)

UAS Engineering and ICARUS Field testing Video

ERAU Hazy Library UAS Resources

Related Research Programs:FAA ASSURE, NASA UTM, NASA UAM, CUR, NAE TRB ACRP, ERAU NASA Space Grant, NSF National Robotics Initiative, NASA ARMD


Classes Taught by ICARUS Group Members

  • CEC 220 Digital Circuit Design
  • CEC 222 Digital Circuit Design Lab
  • EE 495 Modern Navigation Systems
  • EE 401 Control Systems Analysis and Design
  • EE 402 Control Systems Laboratory
  • EE 460 Advanced Control and System Integration
  • EGR 115 Intro. to Computing for Engineers
  • ME 406L Robotics II Lab
  • NMT EE 589 & UNM ME 482/582: Robotics Engineering

  • CEC450, Real-Time Systems
  • CEC320/322, Microprocessor Systems and Lab
  • CS415, Human-Computer Interactive Systems
  • CS317, File and Database Systems
  • CS332, Organization of Programming Languages
  • SE310, Analysis and Design of Software
  • SE420, Software Quality Assurance
  • CU ESE ECEN5673, Embedded Machine Vision and Intelligent Automation (EMVIA)
  • CU ESE ECEN5623, Real-Time Embedded Systems

  • Computer-Aided Conceptual Design of Aerospace Systems (EGR 200)
  • Dynamics (ES 204)
  • Introduction to Robotics (ME 302)
  • Vibration and Acoustics (ME 400)


2019-2020 ICARUS Team Photo



External Advisors

Past Faculty Advisors

  • Ken Bordignon, Flight Dynamics (2015-2016)
  • Gentilini, Iacopo, Flight Instruments


Current Students

    Embry Riddle Aeronautcial University:
  • Rocha, Katie V., ROCHAK1@my.erau.edu, Embedded Computer Systems (BS Computer Engineering)
  • Butcher, Trevor, BUTCHET2@my.erau.edu, Embedded Computer Systems (BS EE Robotics)

Past Students

  • Stockhouse, David, Navigation Computing systems (BS Computer Engineering)
  • Kroeker, Joseph, Navigation Computing systems (BS EE)
  • Struck, Daniel J., EO/IR Servomechanisms (BS Software Engineering)
  • Buchholz, Jonathan M., Flight UAS instruments (MS UASE, ME Robotics graduate 2018)
  • Lindsey, Alexandra, Wireless sensor network and coarse localization (BS Software Engineering)
  • Johnson, Zachary T., All-Sky camera (BS ME Robotics)
  • Rizor, Steve, Flight Software and Acoustic Monitoring (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Link, Sean, ERAU - Distributed Ledger secure messaging (BS CE)
  • Bybee, Garrison, ERAU - Ground EO/IR detection (BS SE)
  • Katz, Ferrin, ERAU - Cloud database and machine learning (BS SE)
  • Rapp, Thomas, ERAU - Ground acoustic detection (BS SE)
  • Luchik, Tyler, ERAU - Ground acoustic beam forming (BS ME)
  • He, Elizabeth, ERAU - Security (Cybersecurity)
  • Das, Amit, Machine learning (H.S. student)
  • Noble, Robert, ERAU (EE)
  • Burklund, Dakota, ERAU (AE)
  • Evan Atlas, ERAU (ME)
  • David Olsen, ERAU (EE)
  • Abendroth-Smith, Jacqueline D., ERAU - RADAR (ME Robotics)
  • Tobias R. Fauser, ERAU - Navigation (EE)
  • Matthew "Demi" Vis, ERAU - Image Co-processing (AE, SE double major)
  • Ryan Claus, ERAU - Image Co-processing (SE)
  • Nicholas DiPinto, ERAU - CAD models (SE)
  • Jeromy Smith, ERAU - Fabrication (ME)
  • Serafino Bohrer-Padavos, ERAU (ME)
  • Juan Gutierrez, ERAU
  • Landon Denham, Peoria Basis H.S.
  • Soumyatha Gavvala, Ground scalable machine learning (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Aasheesh Dandupally, Ground all-sky camera (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Omkar Prabhu, Ground accoustic detection (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Vignesh Iyer, Ground accoustic detection (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Vijoy Sunil Kumar, Machine VisionBoulder (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Kalyan Pingali, Machine Vision (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Vennela Gandluri, Machine Vision (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy, Machine Vision (CU Boulder Master of Science EE)
  • Surjith B. Singh, Machine Vision (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Akshay Singh, Machine Vision (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Omkar Seelam, Machine Vision (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Shivasanka Gunasekaran, Machine Vision (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)
  • Swaminath Badrinath, Machine Vision (CU Boulder Masters of Engineering ECEE, ESE)

Drone Net Project Papers

Journal and Conference Papers

  • Aly El-Osery, Stephen Bruder, and Kevin Wedeward, Using Multiple IMUs in a Stacked Filter Configuration for Calibration and Fine Alignment, SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing conference, Orlando FL, 15 - 19 April 2018 (accepted).
  • S. Siewert, M. Andalibi, S. Bruder, I. Gentilini, A. Dandupally, S. Gavvala, O. Prabhu, J. Buchholz, D. Burklund, Drone Net, a passive instrument network driven by machine vision and machine learning to automate UAS traffic management, (in preparation), AUVSI Xponential poster, Denver, Colorado, May 2018.
  • S. Siewert, M. Andalibi, S. Bruder, I. Gentilini, J. Buchholz, Drone Net Architecture for UAS Traffic Management Multi-modal Sensor Networking Experiments, IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, Montana, March 2018.
  • "Leveraging Wireless Communication Systems for Aiding Inertial-Based Navigation Systems," IEEE 10th International Conference on System of Systems Engineering (SoSE), San Antonio, TX, 17-20 May, 2015.
  • Utilizing OFDM RF Signals for Aiding Inertial-Based Navigation Systems, Institute of Navigation (ION), International Technical Meeting (ITM, January 25-28, 2015, Monterey, California.
  • S. Siewert, M. Vis, R. Claus, R. Krishnamurthy, S. B. Singh, A. K. Singh, S. Gunasekaran, Image and Information Fusion Experiments with a Software-Defined Multi-Spectral Imaging System for Aviation and Marine Sensor Networks, AIAA SciTech 2017, Grapevine, Texas, January 2017.
  • S. Siewert, V. Angoth, R. Krishnamurthy, K. Mani, K. Mock, S. B. Singh, S. Srivistava, C. Wagner, R. Claus, M. Vis, Software Defined Multi-Spectral Imaging for Arctic Sensor Networks, SPIE Proceedings, Volume 9840, Algorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery XXII, Baltimore, Maryland, April 2016.
  • S. Siewert, J. Shihadeh, Randall Myers, Jay Khandhar, Vitaly Ivanov, Low Cost, High Performance and Efficiency Computational Photometer Design, SPIE Proceedings, Volume 9121, Sensing Technology and Applications, Baltimore, Maryland, May 2014.
  • S. Siewert, M. Ahmad, K. Yao, Verification of Video Frame Latency Telemetry for UAV Systems Using a Secondary Optical Method, AIAA SciTech 2014, National Harbor, Maryland, January 2014.
  • D. Gabbert, M. Andalibi, and J. D. Jacob, System Development for Wildfire SUAS, 33rd AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, Dallas, U.S.A., DOI: 10.2514/6.2015-2416, June 2015
  • S. D. Fehrenbach, Z. P. Barbeau, M. Andalibi, J. D. Jacob, and G. Chowdhary, System Development for the NASA UAS Airspace Operations Challenge, 15th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference, Dallas, U.S.A., DOI: 10.2514/6.2015-3328, June 2015
  • N. Muraleedharan, F. Tempia, A. Tempia, I. Gentilini, Bayesian Multi-model Regression and Frequency Analysis for Subgroup Identification. IEEE Transaction on Pattern Analysis and Machine Learning, in preparation, projected submission March 2017.
  • I. Gentilini, F. Margot, K. Shimada, The Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods: MINLP Solution, Optimization Methods and Software, Volume 28, Issue 2, pp. 364 378, 2013.
  • M. Muraleedharan, D. Isenberg, I. Gentilini, Recreating Planar Free-Floating Environment via Model-free Force-Feedback Control, Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Aerospace Conference (AeroConf 2016), pp. 1 12, Big Sky, Montana, USA, March 5 12, 2016.
  • K. Vicencio, T. Korras, K. Bordignon, I. Gentilini, Energy-Optimal Path Planning for Six-Rotors on Multi-Target Missions, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on In-telligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2015), pp. 2481 2487, Hamburg, Germany, September 28 October 2, 2015.
  • F. Margot, I. Gentilini, K. Shimada, The Traveling Salesman Problem with Neighborhoods: MINLP Solution, 21st International Symposium on Mathematical Programming, Berlin, Germany, August 19 24, 2012.


  • "Low-Cost Inertial Navigation," in Springer 2015 Control and Systems Engineering series, editors: Aly El-Osery and Jeff Prevost, Control and Systems Engineering Studies in Systems, Decision and ControlVolume 27, 2015, pp 231-259.
  • Real-Time Embedded Components and Systems with Linux and RTOS, Sam Siewert and John Pratt, December 2015, 978-1942270041, Mercury Learning, E-book


  • S. Siewert, et al., Drone Net - Big Data, Machine Vision and Learning Challenge and Opportunity, invited speaker and panel, 5th Annual Global Big Data Conference, Silicon Valley, August 29-31, 2017.
  • S. Siewert, et al., Drone Net: Using Tegra for Multi-Spectral Detection and Tracking in Shared Air Space, GPU Technology Conference, Silicon Valley, May 8-11, 2017.
  • A. Suhren, M. Andalibi, G. Chowdhary, C. Crick, D. Gaffin, and B. Brayfield, A Framework for Navigation Based on Familiarity, Oklahoma AIAA/ASME XXXV Symposium, Stillwater, April 2015
  • D. Gaffin, B. Brayfield, A. Suhren, M. Andalibi, G. Chowdhary, and C. Crick, Simulated Autonomous Navigation within an Indoor Environment Using a Scene-Familiarity Based Algorithm, ISARRA, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 2015

Inventions and Patents

  • OSU Invention Disclosure No. 2015.19, A Plug and Adapt Autonomy Module for Mobile Vehicle Systems, G. Chowdhary, D. Johnson, J. Stockton, A. Cole, M. Andalibi, T. Hermosillo, S. T. Vuppala, and L. Kinion, , Oklahoma State University, February 2015.
  • US Pat. 8,473,779 - Systems and methods for error correction and detection, isolation, and recovery of faults in a fail-in-place storage array, granted June 25, 2013.
  • US Pat. 7,370,326 - Prerequisite-based scheduler, granted May 6, 2008.



E-mail: icarus@erau.edu, icarusdronenet@gmail.com
Mailing Address: ICARUS Research Group
King Engineering Center
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
3700 Willow Creek Road
Prescott, AZ 86301-3720
Lab Location: King Engineering Center, Rm 112B



ICARUS / EMVIA (Embedded Machine Vision and Intelligent Automation) Research Group: THURS @ 7:30PM MST, 145 King - Join with EMVIA ZOOM
ICARUS Published Paper Data (Paper List):
  1. AIAA Sci-Tech 2020 RADAR paper data: AIAA Sci-Tech 2020 Data, Radar Install
  2. AIAA Sci-Tech 2019 All-Sky paper data: AIAA Sci-Tech 2019 Data
  3. AIAA Sci-Tech 2017 paper data: AIAA Sci-Tech 2017 Data
  4. IEEE Aero 2018 paper data: IEEE Aero 2018 Data
  5. AUVSI 2018 paper data: AUVSI 2018 Data
  6. URI Gulch Monitoring Data: URI 2019 EPI-USE Gulch Monitor
ICARUS Advised Capstones:
  1. Mr Fusion Capstone (2019-20): Milestone Review Materials
  2. Arctic Power (2015-16): Milestone Review Materials

Drone Net System Resources - ERAU and KPRC info:
  1. Ernest Love Field, ERAU-PRC GIS, ERAU AXFAB
  2. NOAA - ERAU-PRC Weather, General Weather
  3. Open Sky - Network
  4. GitHub - GitHub Code Repository
  5. Boson - FLIR Boson
  6. AllSkyCam, Oculus, NASA, etc. (not our All-Sky, but interesting) - AllSkyCam.com, Oculus all-sky, NASA All-Sky.

EMVIA Challenge Video:
  1. Video Data for Driving Assistant Challenge
  2. Self-Driving-Car-Video-1-Raw.zip, Self-Driving-Car-Video-2-Raw.zip
  3. LIDAR

Campus NIR and LWIR Images:
  1. NIR Images
  2. LWIR Images, LWIR Narrow Field Images

UAS flight planning and analysis:
  1. ERAU Approval Requests
  3. FAA Education Guidelines, FAA LAANC, FAA UAS Facility Maps

UAS ground control resources:
  1. QGroundControl

UAS flight to ground link resources:
  1. MAVlink

Flight Control (auto-pilot) resources:
  1. PX4, Main Page, Main Developer Page
  2. ArduPilot GitHub, ArduPilot Copter Page, ArduPilot Firmware
  3. PixHawk 2.1
  4. APM Attitude Control
  5. Pixhawk

ROS, Robotics and OpenCV resources:
  1. ROS on Jetson Nano, Jetson Nano eLinux
  2. OpenCV, Building OpenCV on Nano
  3. Jetson Nano CSI Camera
  4. TI MSP430 Robot Kit

UAM and UTM industry:
  1. Electric Aircraft Startups: Opener VTOL Ultralight, Eviation, Cora, Lillium, Kittyhawk, Lift Aircraft, Volocopter, EHang
  2. Large Companies: Honeywell UAM, Bell Nexus, Aurora Flight Sciences, Vahana, Uber Elevate
  3. News: EVTOL News, Droneii, UAT
  4. Payload Delivery: FreeFly, Zipline, Bell APT, ASX EVTOL, Amazon PrimeAir, FedEx
ICARUS ERP Related Research Papers

ICARUS DevBox Cloud Storage RAID: ICARUS DevBox Cloud Storage RAID:
  1. Ready NAS INGEST: Data INGEST
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  3. Ready NAS Public: Shared Data
  4. Ready NAS FTP: Shared Data

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